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GEFCO For Rice Mills S.A.E started working in March 1996 with a capacity of 6 ton\h, upgraded in 1999 to 12 ton/h.
It is the largest rice mill in Egypt with a capacity of more than 250 ton\day.
Milling and packing machines are "Buhler" (Swiss made), one of the best brands world wide.
Milling and packing machines are "Buhler" (Swiss made), one of the best brands world wide.
Colour sorting machines are "Sortex" (England), the pioneer colour sorting machine world wide.

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  • “ Entire productions of our mills is for export.”

  • “ We export white rice (Natural , Water polished or Camolino ), Cargo (Brown) rice and rice brokens.”

  • “ We deliver the rice in bulk or in bags (25 or 50 kg) according to customer's demand.”

  • “Majority of Egyptian rice is medium grain (Giza 177 and Sakha 101),while minority is short grain (Giza 178).”

Our Machines can deal with different brands such as : Sofra

Sofra offers many products
(Rice - Beans - Soft Sugar - PopCorn)

Scope Of Business

Scope Of Business

  • Amounts: average annual exported quantity is 70.000 ton.

  • Importing Countries :
    Asia: Ukraine , Jordan , Lebanon , UAE , Saudi Arabia
    Africa: Sudan
    European: UK, France , Belgium , Holland, Romania, Bulgaria , Turkey, Spain , Greece , Germany

Quality Assurance:

Quality of exported rice and its matching to client's demend (in the contract) is assured by the following documents:

  1. Egyptian exports and imports surveillance (specifications , quantity & packing),

  2. Agricultural photosanitary (for insects , fumigation ,……)

  3. SGS , an international independent inspection company , checks the shipment in the mill and in the port for specifications, quantity and packing.

Banking and Finance:

  • Total turnover of both of our mills is 25,000,000 USD per / year

  • We deal with Arab Bank PLC, Egyptian Gulf Bank, and Abu Dhabi Bank.

  • Export contract are through L/C (Letter of Credit) OR CAD (Cash against Documents).

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  • Gogar – Talkha – El Mansoura,
  • +2 (050) 2529940 / +2 (050) 2526691
  • +2 (050) 2529991 / +2 (012) 2481702

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